Bella’s Boys

“Eman, thank you for taking the time to redesign our site. You have given it a fresh new look while incorporating the content we need with some extra added touches. Once we decided to proceed, you were able to load it in a quick and timely matter. Your professionalism is appreciated and we would be happy to recommend you to other clients. We wish you all the success in your future projects.”

Rob Milito
Restaurant Manager
Bella’s Boys

The Nutrition Company

“After many years procrastinating about designing a website we finally found the perfect person to help us. Eman was able to listen to our business philosophy and ideas for what we wanted to project on our website and she came up with the perfect representation of who we are. The website is both simple in design, yet beautiful, and easy to navigate – exactly as we desired. We appreciate her enthusiasm, her creativity, her patience, and her professionalism. It is with great confidence that we recommend Eman to anyone looking to begin or redesign their website or any other creative endeavor.”

Thanks again,
Camille and Imad Husseini
The Nutrition Company

Canada School of Public Service

“The Canada School of Public Service undertook the initiative to renew its website to align with a mandated government-wide design. Eman’s role in this project includes: the creation of new topic pages to help with navigation, a review of all page titles to help with findability and to quality control the building of a new site structure which meant reviewing all pages for content discrepancies, broken links, breadcrumb paths, coding errors and other content issues. Eman also served as liaison with our WebSupport team who took instructions to build the new site. The School’s website was successfully updated to its new renewed version within about 7 weeks and has received high praise by both the executives and website users.”

Michael Dalrymple
Manager, Web and Creative Services
Canada School of Public Service

Policy Horizons Canada

As Web Content Specialist, I was instrumental in preparing the website for migration to WordPress. My responsibilities included: modifying web pages based on ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, or Trivial) documentation and manually transferring over 500 pages of content from Drupal to WordPress. I demonstrated understanding of web user experience and interface (UX/UI) principles and best practices. I implemented WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) procedures to ensure accessibility and adhered to Government of Canada web standards.

McCluskey’s Auto Body

“Eman, I would like to thank you for redesigning my website with your creative ideas and fashionable look! It was a great experience to deal with you on this redesign, you are very friendly and knowledgeable. You made my site easy to navigate, with a fresh new look. You definitely have a touch for design and creativity. You had a new site designed and loaded very quickly, I would recommend you to anyone looking for a great website design. Thank you very much and it was a pleasure to work with you.”

Dan & Christina McCluskey
McCluskeys Auto Body

When Suzanne Cooks

“Eman gave me exactly what I wanted- a beautiful website that was personalised to fit my unique career. She added my favourite song track which was a very special touch! The overall design is simple, clean, and easy to follow. Eman listens very well and she was very accommodating. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for something more than just a template website.”

Thank you,
Suzanne Husseini
Arabic Food Chef
When Suzanne Cooks

Galerie d’art Vincent – WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog designed for Galerie d’art Vincent. My goal was to re-design the gallery’s current blog to be more streamlined with the company’s brand. Content was edited for spelling, proper grammar, and overall consistency. I conducted research and wrote new, original posts weekly in both official languages (English and French). To facilitate social sharing, I linked the blog to Facebook so new posts were posted directly to the gallery’s Facebook page.

Galerie d’art Vincent – Instagram

Instagram account created for Galerie d’art Vincent. All content was created and posted by myself including image and video posts. Marketing strategy was consistent with the company’s brand and helped promote the gallery’s online presence. Comments were answered in a timely manner and account was routinely maintained.

Galerie d’art Vincent – Facebook

Facebook account created for Galerie d’art Vincent. All content was created and posted by myself including articles and image posts promoting the gallery’s recent activity. Marketing strategy was consistent with the company’s brand and helped promote the gallery’s online presence. Comments were answered in a timely manner and account was routinely maintained. Posts were written in both official languages (English and French).

Design by Eman – Drupal Site

This is the Drupal version of my portfolio site. I wanted to explore different themes offered by Drupal. I created articles and pages, added tags, created a menu, posted social media links, incorporated custom HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. I wanted to familiarize myself with Drupal`s interface which uses nodes and block elements as the building blocks of its main structure. Drupal is effective in grouping articles with similar content together for organizational and search purposes.

Design by Eman

My portfolio site was designed with simplicity in mind. It was my first multipage HTML website. I used a single CSS stylesheet for the entire website to create a clean, cohesive look. I wanted my portfolio to showcase my ability to create a fully responsive design. The navigation bar was created using Bootstrap and the twelve column grid was the base for the content fields. My “e” logo was designed using Adobe Photoshop and subtly illustrates my love for script and font. Overall, the site features a classic look that shows my love for nature and will hopefully stand the test of time!

The Rosebud Flowers

This is a fictional business that I created for learning purposes. I wanted to explore as many elements as I could incorporate from my course including: HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, and jQuery. Interactive elements such as rolling the ball of yarn were made using the jQuery animate() function and really add an element of fun to a static web page. The logo is my own hand-drawn work. Features include an embedded YouTube video using iframe, a JavaScript alert, and a drop-down intro section using a jQuery slideDown() function.